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Cover Reveal: Loving Cara by Kristen Proby

ABOUT LOVING CARA: LOVING CARA is a Contemporary Erotic Romance novel and is the 1st book in the Love Under The Big Sky Series being published by Pocket Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. It is due to be released in January 2014.


In her sizzling new series, USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby sets the stage for a passionate reunion under the breathtaking Montana sky.

Cara Donovan’s summer tutoring job is turning out to be a challenge—and not just because of her troubled twelve-year-old student. It’s his uncle Josh who’s the real problem. If problem is the word for an irresistibly cocky, muscle-bound rancher with a taste for tight Levi’s and shameless flirtation. . .

Cara is nothing like the wallflower Josh King remembers good-naturedly teasing in high school. This Cara is gorgeous, confident, fun. From the moment the fiery teacher steps foot on his family’s Lazy K Ranch, the stubborn playboy is determined to corral her. So what happens when his luscious lover takes over the reins?

The first in a steamy trilogy, Kristen Proby’s enthralling novel is filled to the brim with one hardworking family’s triumphs and challenges, all the wild adventure of the modern West, and a whole lot of titillating fun.

EXCERPT: Please note that this is an unedited excerpt and could change in editing for the final copy.

“Where are your jeans?” Josh asks as he meets me at my car the following morning.

“These are jeans.” I pull my tote bag out of the car and walk toward the front door of his house. “Is Seth here yet?”

“No, he’ll be a few minutes. I have him feeding the dogs at the big house.”


“Those are not jeans.” He’s scowling down at my denim shorts like they’re the devil incarnate.

“They’re denim.”

He narrows his chocolate eyes at me, but I see the humor there, and the butterflies take up residence in my belly again.

I love riling this guy up.

“Fine, they’ll have to do. Go ahead and get settled, Seth will be here in a minute. I have to ride out with a few of the guys to repair a fence, so I’ll see you at lunch time.” He pulls on some gloves and settles his green baseball cap on his head backwards again.

“You don’t wear cowboy hats?” I ask without thinking.

“Not usually. I have one, if you’d rather I wear it.” He smirks.

“No, just curious,” I mumble and head toward the house.

“Don’t leave before I get back. I have plans for you.”

He grins wide, winks, and saunters off toward the massive barn that sits between his house and the big house.

Well, isn’t that view nice? His Levi’s hug his ass perfectly and sit low on his hips, and as he walks I can see his buttocks and thighs flex.

Dear God, I’m lusting after a rancher.


Kristen ProbyKRISTEN PROBY is the USA Today bestselling author of the popular With Me in Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type—fiercely protective and a bit bossy—and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, and sunshine. And naps. Visit her at KristenProby.com.



Website: http://www.kristenproby.com/

Twitter: @handbagjunkie

Facebook: www.facebook.com/booksbykristenproby

Author Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/kristenproby

LOVING CARA Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18115028-loving-cara?ac=1

Amazon Pre-Order: http://www.amazon.com/Loving-Cara-ebook/dp/B00DX0F2Y8/ref=sr_1_1_bnp_1_kin?ie=UTF8&qid=1376330939&sr=8-1&keywords=loving+cara+kristen+proby

Barnes and Noble Pre-Order: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/loving-cara-kristen-proby/1116055719?ean=9781476758992&itm=1&usri=loving+cara+kristen+proby


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Mandy’s Happy Place Books

happy-place-224x300I love books. Always have, always will.  I love looking for and finding ‘that’ book, the one that lets you slip away to another place.  I jokingly tell my husband when he interrupts my reading, “Sorry, I’m not here. I’m in New York City in 2060 with Eve Dallas.” Or wherever my current book has taken me. We all laugh about having a book hangover, but I believe that it’s a real thing.  When I finish a great book, I always feel hazy, like I’m in between realities.  I have to mentally ground myself here and not in whatever Bookland that I was in.  If a book stays with me after I’ve read it, then I know it was a great read.  I’m talking about when you’re left mourning the loss of the characters like you would a real life friend, when you catch yourself reminiscing about events from the book, wondering what the characters would be doing in the future, or the very telling- jealous of someone who is reading ‘that’ book for the first time and you wish you could reread it and have that first time thrill all over again. ‘Those’ books are my go to books. My happy place books. When I get in a rut, can’t settle on what to read, or finish a crappy or emotional book and need a fix- I select a Go To book and it will soothe me- everytime!

These are my Go To Books:

Wuthering Heights
by Emily Bronte My favorite book of all time. I read it as an awkward pre-teen and spent many daydreams wishing for my very own Heathcliff. I’ve read it, again and again, and it still gets me every time. It’s a classic for a reason.

Kristen Ashley All of Kristen’s books can send me to my happy place. The woman has talent in spades. Her stories have taken me from Denver to Italy to Indiana to England and even to an alternate universe. Her books are full of kick ass heroines and swoonworthy Alpha heroes. My top reads from Kristen are The Golden Dynasty from the Fantasyland Series, Sweet Dreams & Lady Luck from the Colorado Mountain Series, and Heaven and Hell, a stand alone novel.

Cherise Sinclair’s Shadowlands Series is a must read for anyone who likes a little romance with their BDSM.  The series has gotten progressively longer and more involved with each installment and I cannot stop reading them.  I reread the entire series each time that a new one comes out and I still giggle, sigh and change my panties throughout each one.  I’m especially fond of Master Nolan.

Kristen Proby’s With Me in Seattle Series  I’ve grown very attached to Luke, Natalie, and the whole Montgomery clan. I anxiously wait for each book and then dive in and disappear to Seattle for a few hours. They are heartwarming, funny, and oh so sexy. I’m a little partial to Fight With Me, just because I want to be Jules when I grow up.

The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton
This book rocked me to my core. It is sinfully hot and so emotional. I have never cried so much over a book as I did with this one. Tymber Dalton knows her subject matter and she is also a genius at putting the emotions on paper. I can’t even think too long on this book without tearing up and wanting to go curl up in bed with a box of tissues to read it again.

Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld Series
These books are out of this world amazing. The storylines, the intrigue, the love stories, the characters, the mythology. Just everything is a win in my book. The latest, The Darkest Craving, is out and I’m reserving it for when the kids are away and I can immerse myself in the Lords without guilt or interruptions. They are THAT good!

Tina Reber’s Love Unscripted &Love Unrehearsed
– Average girl falls for average boy who just so happens to be a Hollywood heartthrob. But their story is so much more than that. It’s about friendship and family and above all- love. I have read these books so many times in the last year. It’s a good thing that they are in digital format or I fear they would be falling apart.  My paper copies are protected in the vault of books that is my guest bedroom, signed by Mrs. Reber herself. She is as amazing as her books. No, she’s even more amazing than that. Very real and very honest. We like that at Raw Books.

J.D. Robb’s In Death Series It’s Nora Roberts writing a futuristic crime series with a kick ass heroine who is married to a hottie with an accent. Enough said.

There are so many books that have touched my heart and that have resonated with me. I read a book a day, so I could keep this list going for a long while. But I thought you (our faithful followers) would like a peek at what pushes my buttons and sends me to my happy place.  Have any ‘must reads’ that I should know about? Bring it on! I love recommendations! Comment here, email me or post to our Facebook page. Every good book deserves a shout out!

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Cover Reveal: Safe With Me by Kristen Proby

Safe With Me - Kristen Proby FinalABOUT SAFE WITH ME:

Keeping others safe is what Caleb Montgomery does. He’s never had a problem taking on an assignment, whether it was during his dangerous SEAL days or his most recent job of training war mercenaries. But being assigned to keep Brynna Vincent and her adorable daughters, Maddie and Josie, safe from an unknown threat has thrown Caleb off his axis. Hot for the tall brunette since she came back to town more than a year ago, being close to her day in and day out is cracking Caleb’s resolve to keep his hands off her gorgeous body and his head in the mission.

Brynna is sick and tired of being afraid. All she wants is a normal, quiet life for her and her precious girls. Just as she’s settling into her new home in Seattle and feeling safe again, Caleb shows up on her doorstep insisting the danger is as high as ever. But whether she needs to be sheltered from the threat in her past, or from the intense emotions she feels for the sexy, protective man sleeping in her home, remains to be seen. What will happen if Brynna and her girls fall in love with a man so broken he may not be able to protect them from the danger that threatens, much less himself?”

SAFE WITH ME is the fifth book in the With Me In Seattle series, and continues to follow this tight-knit, loving family through life’s trials and tribulations with humor, passion and everlasting love.


“Deny it if you want to,” Meg smirks and glances out the back window. “Damn,” she whispers.

“What is it?” Nat asks and rises from the table to see what Meg is looking at. Her eyes widen and she glances back at me and then outside again. “Holy shit.”

I know exactly what they’re watching.

Or, who.

And yes, it is a sight to behold.

“How do you ever get anything done around here?” Meg asks as I rise and lean against the sliding glass door, coffee cradled in my hands, and watch the sexy man in my backyard. “I’d just stand around and watch him all day.”

“Uh, Meg,” I glance over at her and laugh. “You have one of these at home,” I remind her, referring to Caleb’s pro-football star brother, Will, who is also Meg’s live-in boyfriend.

“And it’s a good thing he’s gone most of the day or I wouldn’t get anything done either.”

“It’s starting to rain,” Nat observes, but it doesn’t seem to faze Caleb. He lifts two thick, heavy ropes in both of his hands. The ends are attached to Nat’s photo studio out back. With a firm grip on the ropes, he begins to wave them up and down, quickly, the rain pounding down on him, causing his shirt to cling to every muscle as it flexes and moves with the motion of the exercise.

“Hot damn,” Nat whispers and I silently agree. He continues to pump his arms furiously, effortlessly. “What does that exercise do?” Nat asks.

“Works his arms, back and abdomen, and it’s cardio too,” Meg responds and takes a sip of coffee.

Just then, Caleb drops the ropes, bends down to grab onto a medicine ball and lowers his tall body to the sit-up position.

“Maybe he’ll bend over again,” I murmur, earning giggles from the other two women.

“It’s a good thing Jules isn’t here,” Nat mutters and licks her lips as her eyes watch Caleb hold the medicine ball over his head and easily raise and lower his torso in smooth sit-ups. “She’d never let us watch him like this.”

“Jesus, that medicine ball is fifty pounds,” Meg whispers, amazed.

“Watch this part,” I urge them as Caleb tosses the ball to the side like it’s a beach ball and assumes the push-up position and begins to perfectly execute the push-ups, easily completing more than a hundred of them in two minutes.

“Why aren’t you sleeping with him again?” Meg asks and I choke on my coffee.

“I might be,” I whisper and feel their astonished gazes on me, but I avoid them. “Don’t you dare breathe a word of that to anyone.”

“Who can blame you?” Nat asks just as Caleb stands and returns to the ropes. “Look at those back muscles.”

“Look at that ass,” Meg counters.

“You should see it naked,” I respond and we all giggle again.

“Should I be grossed out by this?” Nat asks, tilting her head to the side. “He’s practically my brother.”

“But he’s not your brother, Nat.” I remind her with a grin. “And the Montgomery men are freaking hot.”

“That’s no lie,” Meg agrees. “Aren’t you going to be late for work?” She asks me.

“I have a few minutes,” I murmur and feel the familiar pull low in my belly as I watch Caleb lay on the ground again and execute more perfect sit-ups with his medicine ball.

It would be the perfect position for me to ride him. I might have to suggest that tonight.

“He’s hardly panting,” I observe. “What kind of physical training must he go through to work that hard and have it hardly phase him?”

“Oh girl, you have no idea the rigorous training they go through to become SEALs. It’s not natural.” Nat shudders. “All of the boys have always been athletic.”

“Obviously,” I murmur sarcastically. “It’s a bit intimidating.”

“Caleb can be the scariest person on Earth if he’s pissed off,” Nat informs us, her eyes still glued to him. “He’s just big and strong, and damn intimidating.”

“You should see him with the girls.” I grin, remembering our movie night last week. “He’s funny and sweet.”

I realize the room has gone dead silent. I look over to my friends to find them looking at each other and then staring over at me. “What?”

“You’ve got it bad,” Nat remarks and snickers. “Welcome to the club.”

“What club?”

“The ‘I Love a Hot Man’ club, sweetheart.” Meg laughs and salutes me with her mug just as Caleb approaches the sliding door, frowning at me. I step back in surprise as the girls giggle.

“What’s wrong?” Caleb asks, is hair and clothes soaked and a little muddy from the rain and grass.

“Nothing,” I reply and shrug.

He narrows his eyes at me, watching me closely, then turns his gaze to Nat and Meg.

“What’s going on with you guys?”

“Nothing at all,” Nat replies with a huge grin. “Just girl talk.”

“Uh huh.” He props his hands on his lean hips and watches all three of us for a moment and then shrugs and saunters to the fridge to pull out a cold bottle of water. “We have to leave soon,” he reminds me.


Kristen is the author of the Amazon and USA Today bestselling With Me In Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves.

Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps. 


Website: http://www.kristenproby.com/

Twitter: @handbagjunkie

Facebook: www.facebook.com/booksbykristenproby

Author Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/kristenproby

SAFE WITH ME Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17201110-safe-with-me?ac=1

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