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Review: The Shrinemaiden by Annie Eppa





4.5 out of 5

This was smoking HOT!!!  Seriously, one of the hottest books I’ve ever read.  I don’t often read the fantasy genre, but the synopsis for The Shrinemaiden had me intrigued so I decided to give it a whirl when Ms. Eppa kindly offered a copy to read and review.  I don’t care who you are, or what genre of smut you like to read, if you like smut that is more than just soft porn on paper, this is a must-have in anyone’s collection.  I was so hot and bothered throughout, I almost missed the story itself, but that would have been a shame because it was equally incredible.

The plot was a clever take on Queen Elizabeth’s Court lies and intrigue, and I also got a feel of a Roman Empire style thrown in.  Every single time I thought I had it all figured out, another curveball was thrown, and I found myself sitting up and thinking, ooh, tell me more!  I had a great admiration for Adelai’s character, not only a highly sensual woman, but also one sharp cookie able to hold her own in a world filled with treachery and danger.  Thornton was the definition of a sex on a stick alpha male, but was so much more than just brawn.  Nothing better than an old school military man, mmmm.

I’m dying for the next in the series, The Slavemaiden.  Kinlee and General Falen are introduced here, I loved them, and I think that one is going to be just as hot as this was, but we have to wait until Feb/Mar 2014 (whimper).  It’s already in my TBR, and I will be begging Annie Eppa to let me review.


Adelai has known only one home – that of the Temple of Inne-annah, Goddess of Lust and Love. As a shrinemaiden, she was raised to be a graceful, high-society courtesan catering only to the rich and powerful, for a price.

On the eve of her auction, however, Adelai discovers treachery at play between two of the most powerful kingdoms in the land, and that she had become a pawn in a political game where the stakes are high, and one wrong move will mean war. The choices Adelai will make shall take her from gilded manors and fancy balls to a cruel king’s royal court, where secrets lurk and loyalty is an illusion. In the end, Adelai must use all the skills she’s learned both inside the bedroom and out of it to triumph against the men who want her, the men who would seek to possess her – and to win the man who loves her, against all odds.

The Shrinemaiden is the first of the Maidens trilogy, which takes place in the dark kingdom of Sarcopia, but remains a standalone.

Warning: explicit scenes, dubcon situations, sexy alpha males and some bdsm.



Annie has two great loves in her life – traveling the world, and writing. She panders to both by working as a freelance photojournalist, where she is sent all over the world to write and photograph awesome people and cute animals (and sometimes even the not-so-cute ones). She’s been on four continents, and hopes to add more countries to her ever-growing list. Due to her job, she has made many countries her home – Sweden, China, Brazil, the Philippines, Canada – and shuffles among these whenever she needs to.

Her debut novel, The Shrinemaiden, is an erotic fantasy set in a strange world of intrigue and bedroom politics. It is a standalone book that also manages to be the first in a series, and is due out in late 2013.


Coming Soon!




When her beloved kingdom of Highrolfe falls, spirited Kinlee finds herself a captured slave, sold at auction to General Connor ‘The Wolf’ Falen, the man responsible for her country’s defeat.

Beaten but unbowed, Kinlee has one last card to play: a secret she must keep hidden from her new master, lest it dooms everyone that she holds dear. Though bound and helpless, she has sworn never to surrender to her frightening, intriguingly sensuous owner. But the Wolf has other plans….


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Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway- Storm by Nina Levine



3.5 out 5

The first half of Storm, I thought this was going to go into my take or leave pile.  There was a lot of build up that had potential to go in numerous directions and I didn’t want to get my hopes up that it would go the way of drama and angst that I have come to expect from an MC novel.  The second half of Storm made up for any of my concerns that the plot would fizzle out.  The story took some cool twists and I realized what I had originally thought of as a slow lead in was vital background to the plot.

Madison and J: very hot together.  I kept picturing that is yelling and throwing things at each other, one slaps the other, and then they grab each other and start kissing each other.  Well, in Madison and J’ case, they have hot sex against the wall.   This combo is done quite often, but also just as often misses the mark.  Nina Levine nailed it.

A well done debut from Nina Levine and well worth a read if you are an MC fanatic.  Looks like this is going to be the first in a series that is going into my TBR.  I even wouldn’t mind if she did a prequel novella to give a little more to Madison and J’s history that led to the beginning of this.  I would tell you to ignore the cover though.  It’s a beautiful drawing that would actually look great in a frame on my wall, but it’s a little Rebel Without A Cause, not that that is a bad thing, just not the best fit here.


4 out of 5

Bravo. Another debut author with amazing storytelling skills.  And she writes about hot bikers! Nina Levine’s debut novel, Storm, is the first book in the Storm MC series and I look forward to seeing where she takes the club and its members. This first book brought Madison, the club president’s daughter home for protection from club dealings and the love story that plays out is not an easy one. Madison and J have real communication issues and a history that is not pretty or full of hearts and flowers. Their love story is filled with fights, heartbreak and death. Madison has a tough time handling things but as time progresses; we see her character do a lot of growing. J is the typical hot biker with alpha tendencies, but he has a sweet side for Madison. The rest of the cast are real and interesting enough that I have a couple players that I hope to see in future installments- Madison’s BFF and club member, Nash, are just a couple. And Scott, Madison’s brother, should also be in that list. And Blade. Oh, who am I kidding, I want more from Nina Levine and the Storm MC.

Nina Levine has a wonderful writing style and I love that her characters, regardless of being rough and gritty bikers or old ladies, speak with a semblance of intelligence. I enjoy swearing and I have the dirty mouth to prove it, but I appreciate that Nina didn’t write about another MC with an array of legit businesses and an inability to speak above a fifth grade vocabulary. This book is smart and the characters are more mature (late twenties, early thirties). But don’t let me discount the Storm MC bikers.  They’re bikers through and through and the book has its share of swearing and plenty of bloodshed. Storm is well written, perfectly paced, and loaded with super hot sex scenes.  I guess what I’m trying to get across is that you should read Storm. It’s a must read.


Life can be a bitch but love can get you through any storm.
Madison Cole’s family is the Storm Motorcycle Club. Her father is the President and her brother is the VP. She grew up surrounded by bikers, crime and violence. Two years ago she walked away from her family and the world they live in. Her soul was shattered, her heart was broken and she had an addiction she couldn’t shake. She picked up the pieces and put herself back together. Now her family wants her back. The club is being threatened and they send a club member to return her home to safety; the one person that could destroy everything she has worked so hard to build.
Jason Reilly has sacrificed a lot for the motorcycle club he calls family. Two years ago he made the biggest sacrifice of all; he gave up the woman he loved for them. Now he is being sent to bring her back and he is conflicted. He thought he was over her but discovers their connection is as strong as ever. Their love was all-consuming, passionate and fiery. It was also their undoing and he doesn’t know if either of them is strong enough to battle the demons that ripped them apart, to find love again. 
Madison and Jason are brought back together by a force out of their control; one that pushes them to a breaking point. Can they overcome their past and discover a love worth fighting for or will the harsh reality of their world finally and completely break them both?
I grabbed my purse and headed outside to go and buy lunch.
J was on the phone, but saw me come outside and signalled for me to wait.
“I’m going to buy lunch, J.  And I only get an hour so I don’t have time to wait for you,” I said, tersely.  He kept talking and scowled at me.  I turned and started to walk away from him, towards the cafe where I always bought lunch.I could hear him muttering something into the phone and then he must have ended his call because he went silent. Then, he barked,“Madison!”
The last thingI wanted to do was stop for him, but there was something in his tone; a ‘don’t fuck with me’ command.  So I stopped, and turned around to look at him.  Oh, my.  He was shitty. He stalked to where I was and got in my face. 
“Why the fuck do you have to be so difficult about this?” He was fuming. Well, I could see him, and raise him in his anger.
“Maybe it has something to do with the way Scott has gone about this.  And the fact that he sent you!”
He flinched.  It was only for a second, and most people wouldn’t have even noticed it. But I knew J, and I saw it.  It
surprised the fuck out of me. 
“Well then, it looks like we’ve got some shit to sort out, babe, because I’m not going anywhere.”
“I don’t want to sort shit out with you.  That ship sailed two fucking years ago, J,” I spat.
He gripped my arm, pulling me closer, “No, it fucking didn’t,” he growled, eyes blazing, “And you can’t deny there’s still something here.I feel it and I know you feel it too.”
I laughed.  No, actually, I cackled.  “You wanna fuck, J?  I can feel that, and, yeah, if you wanna go there, I’m all for it.  But don’t mistake my desire for your cock for anything else.”
Nina Levine is an Aussie writer who writes stories about hot, alpha men and the tough, independent women they love. You won’t find any whiny, spineless women in Nina’s books and you certainly won’t find weak men. 

A warning though, you will find hot, dirty sex, lots of swearing, occasional violent encounters and men and women who live fast and love hard.

Nina’s debut book Storm will be releasing in November 2013. It is based around the Storm Motorcycle Club and is the first book in an MC series.

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Seven Sons by Lili St Germain




Coming February 2014



My father was most certainly NOT an innocent man. As the President of the Gypsy Brothers MC, he was guilty of many things. But he died for a crime that he didn’t commit, framed by an enemy within who then stole his club and everything he had ever worked to protect.

Including my innocence.

When Dornan Ross framed my father, he set into motion a series of events that could never be undone. My father was murdered by Dornan Ross and his sons when I was fifteen years old.

Before my father died, Dornan and his sons stole my innocence and branded my skin, and in doing so, ensured that their lives would be prematurely cut short. That they would suffer.

I’ve just turned twenty-one, and I’m out for blood. I’m out for revenge.

But I didn’t expect to fall for Jase, the youngest brother in the club.

I didn’t expect that he would turn my world upside down, yank my heart out of my chest and ride away into the sunset with it.

Now, I’m faced with an impossible choice – Jase, or avenging my fathers death?


Lili St Germain Author Photo



Lili writes dark erotica and NA. Her debut serial novel, Seven Sons, is due to be released in early 2014, with the following books in the series to be released in quick succession. Lili quit corporate life to focus on writing and so far is loving every minute of it. Her other loves in life include her gorgeous husband, good coffee, hanging at the beach and running. She loves to read almost as much as she loves to write.


Tears form at the corner of my eyes as the full brunt of Dornan’s obsession with me becomes apparent. He left me here for this. He asked me who my ex-boyfriend was, and then proceeded to travel across the country to kidnap an innocent boy from his house. A boy who has never laid eyes on me, a boy who I found online and added to Sammi’s backstory for credibility.

A boy who kneels in front of me with a gun pointed at his head.

I struggle against Chad’s stronghold, but it is useless. The guy is built, and he’s probably been snorting the white powder with daddy all the way home.

I bite down on Chad’s hand and he pulls it away, yelling at me.

“He’s not my ex!” I scream, fighting against Chad’s rigid embrace.

Dornan looks at me like a man possessed. A man on a mission.

“I lied,” I gasp, still struggling. “I’ve never met him before. Please, just let him go.”

Dornan lowers his gun and looks me up and down. “You don’t have to be scared of him anymore,” he says. He lifts the gun, his finger putting pressure on the trigger.

“Please!” I scream.

My pleas go unheeded.

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Cover Reveal- Until Trevor by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Finally! We’ve been waiting for a peak of this cover since we read Until November. We can’t wait to read more from Aurora Rose Reynolds! You can read our reviews of Until November by clicking the link at the bottom of this post!

Title: Until Trevor (Until #2)

Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Release Date: December 19, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Hosted by: Love Between the Sheets


Add to Goodreads




Trevor Mayson had his life planned out – make the family business successful and play the field for a few more years before eventually settling down. Then he sees her. Liz Hayes was beautiful, shy and everything that he could ever want…but she didn’t fit into his plans. After Trevor painfully rejects her, Liz finally starts to move on, but Trevor is finding it difficult to truly let her go. It seems the more he tries to stay away, the more intense his feelings for her become. Like a stretched rubber band, he can only take so much before snapping.

Liz Hayes is done waiting for Trevor and isn’t interested in getting her heart broken by him again, but Trevor is making it difficult for her to forget him when he shoves his way back into her life.

Can Trevor prove to her that he is worth falling in love with again, and is he ready to change his life plan to let her into his heart?


About the Author

Aurora Rose Reynolds

Aurora Rose Reynolds is a navy brat whose husband served in the United States Navy. She has lived all over the country but now resides in New York City with her Husband and pet fish. She’s married to an alpha male that loves her as much as the men in her books love their women. He gives her over the top inspiration everyday. In her free time she reads, writes and enjoys going to the movies with her husband and cookie. She also enjoys taking mini weekend vacations to nowhere, or spends time at home with friends and family. Last but not least she appreciates everyday and admires its beauty.

Connect with the Author

Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | Twitter



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Review: Reckless by Skye Jordan





4 out of 5

First of all- when I found an email from Skye Jordan in my inbox, I had a bit of a fan girl moment. I mean, she’s on the New York Times Bestseller list and she emailed me- Mandy, book pimp and reviewer. So of course I agreed to provide a raw review in exchange for her book, Reckless, and I dove in as quick as my busy schedule would allow.  Skye was nice enough to let me take my time with reviewing since the Raw Books calendar has been slammed full. And needless to say, once I started reading, I didn’t put it down until I was done. Really.

Jax and Lexi are my new favorite couple. They are perfect for one another and their love story was equal parts sweet and sexy. Reckless is the first book in the Renegades series. Seeing as Jax’s company is called Renegades, I am assuming that future books will feature other Hollywood stuntmen. Can you say, yummy? This book has everything- great characters all around, terrific dialogue, off the charts chemistry, great pace, and a happy ending.

I love Skye’s writing style. It’s very dynamic and upbeat, if that makes sense.  The words have a great flow and I found myself smiling frequently while reading because Reckless reads so well.  The book feels polished. From the characters and storyline, to the pace and dialogue, straight on through to the editing; this book is perfectly done.  I am so glad to have had a chance to read this one! And I strongly urge you to read it, too!


4 out of 5

Reckless was a light and sexy read.  The chemistry between Lexi and Jax sizzled right from the start.  The story premise of sweet girl meets bad boy is not new, but Skye Jordan did a great job putting her own spin on it.  Lexi and Jax’s first contact at the airport was unique and clever, followed up with some very steamy moments at a hotel.  Now, I don’t often go for the one night stand turns into true love gig.  It too often comes off rushed and the circumstances border on ridiculous.  Not the case here.  There was a great flow to the timing of everything, and it was easy to see how lust and attraction could grow to something more.  Of course, none of that came without the perfect storm of miscommunications and misunderstandings to get in the way.  Overall, I finished reading Reckless with a smile on my face and feeling completely satisfied.  A great debut novel from Skye Jordan, and I’m very much looking forward to reading more from her, whether it be the next in this series or an entirely separate series.


A couture wedding dress designer to the rich and famous, Lexi LaCroix’s image means everything. But crossing paths with a sexier-than-sin, bad-boy biker makes Lexi realize how much living she’s sacrificed for her success and one touch is all it takes to threaten her carefully choreographed life. When that touch fills far more than just Lexi’s physical needs, she finds herself torn between the career she needs and the bad-boy she craves.

Jax Chamberlin gave up the superficial life of acting for the thrill of running his own stunt company years ago. But a recent betrayal proves he’s still too close to the limelight to find a woman who doesn’t plan to use him as a stepping-stone to success. When the charming and mysterious Lexi offers him a totally anonymous hook-up during an out of town trip, Jax accepts. Only Lexi is more sextacular than charming, and Jax wants more.

But Lexi’s got a major hang-up over his renegade lifestyle, and Jax isn’t willing to change his ways. Especially not when he discovers who she really is. Because if she finds out his connections could catapult her to the top of her career, he’s afraid the fantasy woman he’s falling for might just end up like all the other gold-diggers. And this time, it’s not just his bad-boy reputation at risk, but his heart, too.




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