Review Policy

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We love to read so we welcome any opportunity to read and review books. However, we do have some standards, if you will:

Our reviews will be RAW: We will be honest, we will not kiss ass for anyone except our husbands.  We also have no filter, so if foul words hurt your sensibilities- stop fucking reading! You have been warned. This is an adult blog about adult books. We should all be adults here.  Which also means, no bullying. Nothing we write is a personal reflection on a specific person. We are reviewing a piece of writing, not the author themselves. Unless directly stated. We reserve the right to be bitches.  It’s the American Way.

We will NOT provide a blow by blow of any book unless it is vital to the review. This is not Cliff’s Notes. If you are that curious about the events of a book, then you should go buy that shit and read it yourself.

On that note,

We read just about everything with the exception of Young Adult.  We have no interest in high school romances. We like it dirtier than teenagers can provide.

To make it clear, we read (in no particular order):

Contemporary Romance



New Adult

BDSM Romance


Mandy & Danielle abhor cheating- so it’s a NO GO. Lorraine will give it a go, for the right book. 

Mandy is a ridiculously fast reader and can offer a pretty quick turnaround, depending on the behavior of her little Rockers. Lynsey is also wicked fast in her turnaround time.

Danielle is a busy working mom with 2 little Princesses, and a Firefighter for a husband (Hi Cam!), so her time is valuable. So expect a little bit longer of a turnaround.

Lorraine is a modern day renaissance woman with a full time job, so it depends on the week or the day. But she’s a ridiculously fast reader, too!

Jody is also a working girl (not that kind) and her time is limited, but she never turns down a good book.

Send any requests to Mandy: or Danielle: or Lorraine: or Jody: Lynsey can be reached through Mandy for now.

Please include Review Request in the subject line so SPAM filters don’t eat your email. And remember, if you ask us to provide a RAW review, don’t balk or whine if it’s not the review you wanted. We don’t deal in bullshit. If your book doesn’t impress us, then we will be honest and tell our followers why.

We also welcome promotional posts, cover reveals, giveaways, and what have you. Questions? Just ask. The worst we could say is “Fuck Off”.


We reserve the right to read and review what we want and to change our minds at any time. We are women so it should be expected. Also, any images used are found using the Web (Goodreads, Google, etc) and are used simply to enhance our blog. If you own the image and wish it to be removed, just let us know.


Thoughts, opinions, recommendations?

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