Reveal & Giveaway: A Good Book by Your Choice

We have been wanting to have more interaction with our followers,  but we aren’t sure if there’s enough of you out there to warrant the effort and cash to give you a forum for discussion on whatever topics and any topics that we (That includes you if you’re reading this.) can come up with.
We’ve been trying to give you the things you want to see and read about. But we rarely hear from our readers. Our comments are sad. They are few and far between.
And we really want to hear from you so we’re giving away books to get your attention.  Comment on your favorite posts that we’ve done. Tell us what you want to see. What you’re reading. Recommendations on what we should be reading. Whether you agree or disagree with our thoughts. And we will pick a winner from any comments posted anywhere on our site dating now through December 13th. Reader’s Choice up to $3.99. Now go forth and provide feedback.
Thank you for your support!



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3 responses to “Reveal & Giveaway: A Good Book by Your Choice

  1. Keisha Carpenter

    I’ve looked through your posts and reviews and I think they are great. Maybe you could get authors to do takeovers on Facebook to get more comments and followers. I don’t mind helping pimp your page. 🙂

  2. I love this book blog! I read a heck of a lot of alpha male any kind of except paranormal. Great job!

    • rawbookschick

      Thank You! We love hearing from you! Have you read Until November? if not, totally alpha! Best Alpha book I have read all year!
      ❤ dg

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