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5 obviously.

This third book wasn’t initially planned, but readers wanted more of our dear Professor and Sylvain Reynard (SR) delivered.  I was totally okay with Gabriel’s Rapture being the end, but then I started reading Gabriel’s Redemption. First off, I had forgotten how much I love Professor Emerson, and second, I didn’t realize how many things were left unexplored by the previous 2 books.

But Redemption explores so many avenues and covers so many things that I was giddy to experience with Gabriel and Julianne. I devoured this book. Seriously. I did the bare minimum around my house to keep the Little Rockers alive and entertained. This book is so well written that I was transported away from my suburban world and I feel like I lived it all with the characters.

Katherine Picton is perhaps my favorite character, aside from the Professor, of course. That woman has steel balls and a wonderful mind.  What a treasure to call friend for Julianne and Gabriel. I am also seeing Paul in a different light with this book, and I may have a soft spot in my heart for him. Gabriel and Julianne’s families make me envious for a family that dedicated to each other.

After all of the heartache that was endured with Julianne and Gabriel’s courtship and pasts, this book was a wonderful look at the realities of living your happily ever after. Things are not magically easy just because two people find each other and fall in love.  The Professor and Mrs. Emerson face a lot and have their share of moments. Gabriel does some true soul searching that I was so worried would cause him to relapse into old habits. And Christa Peterson is still the ultimate bitch. But in the end, this book was a brilliant piece of literature and now that I have read it, I couldn’t imagine Julianne and Gabriel’s story without it. Well done, SR.




4.5 out of 5


In Gabriel’s Inferno we are introduced to Gabriel as “an ASS”, however as the story unfolds we get to know a very troubled man that has lived his life without any “real” connection to anyone…..That is until he meets Julia, AGAIN!  Then in Gabriel’s Rapture we see the amazing love story come to a head when Gabriel “leaves” Julia and the struggle it took, as well as the growth he experienced in doing so.  The faith it took to reclaim their love was undeniably breathtaking and leads you right into Gabriel’s Redemption.

To say I was obsessed is an understatement.  As soon as I heard this book needed a review, I pushed all of my reservations about doing reviews to the side, just so I could have the chance to read this book.  I was not disappointed!  I love how Sylvain Reynard captures his characters and reels you into their lives.  The emotions that flowed through this book were not only captivating, but I feel honest and true.  At one point I actually put the book down and posted to the blog because I was convinced Gabriel was going to do something I wished the author would not do.  I was surprised when I picked it back up and realized he did not “go there” with that character and story line.  At that point, I had to finish this book like a madman!

I love how you are shown many characters throughout this book from the last two.  I love when the story line continues into the next book.  The characters you love and even those that you love to hate are there.  Then those extra little peaks into those lives that mean so much to your main characters.   I think for me the fact that Gabriel wants to become a father, was the best surprise I loved.  To see how far this character has grown is exciting and beautiful.  However, the obstacles he still faces, as well as Julia, is daunting.  One minute you are agreeing with Gabriel and the other you are siding with Julia.  The struggle internally for each character is beautifully written.  To say I’m ready for The Raven is an understatement!  Looking forward to the hinted at cameos from this series, check out Sylvain Reynard’s special announcement here!


From the author of the New York Times bestsellers Gabriel’s Rapture and Gabriel’s Inferno comes the epic conclusion to the captivating romantic trilogy.

Professor Gabriel Emerson has left his position at the University of Toronto to embark on a new life with his beloved Julianne. Together, he’s confident that they can face any challenge. And he’s eager to become a father.

But Julianne’s graduate program threatens Gabriel’s plans, as the pressures of being a student become all consuming. When she is given the honor of presenting an academic lecture at Oxford, Gabriel is forced to confront Julianne about the subject of her presentation—research that conflicts with his own. And in Oxford, several individuals from their past appear, including an old nemesis intent on humiliating Julia and exposing one of Gabriel’s darkest secrets.

In an effort to confront his remaining demons, Gabriel begins a quest to discover more about his biological parents, beginning a chain of events that has startling repercussions for himself, Julianne, and his hope of having a family. 



I’m interested in the way literature can help us explore aspects of the human condition – particularly suffering, sex, love, faith, and redemption. My favourite stories are those in which a character takes a journey, either a physical journey to a new and exciting place, or a personal journey in which he or she learns something about himself/herself.

I’m also interested in how aesthetic elements such as art, architecture, and music can be used to tell a story or to illuminate the traits of a particular character. In my writing, I combine all of these elements with the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of goodness.

I try to use my platform as an author to raise awareness about the following charities: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation, WorldVision, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and Covenant House. For more information, see my Twitter account.

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