Review: Wicked End by Bella Jeanisse





2 out of 5

I’m still scratching my head over this one.  How I made it through this, I really don’t know.  Wicked End was a 450 page porno with a tiny bit of plot thrown in.  Sounds awesome, right?  Unfortunately, there were a lot of problems with the scenes for me.  The sex scenes bordered on ridiculous and lacked the sensuality that would have taken them from words on a page to a vivid fantasy.  Also, no one can have sex with five different men in a matter of a few hours, one of the men being 12 inches (snort), then have sex with a man who is 8 inches and he still thinks she is tight.  This was the content for all 450 pages.  The little bit of plot included was randomly placed in the middle of the sex scenes, so it felt very disjointed and difficult to follow.  Why did I give this two stars?  I think it had potential to be a good story.  I think it really just needed an objective hand to help organize and get it flowing properly, and maybe get the sex scenes a little more realistic.



Alright, so I read the warning and it was part of the reason that I one clicked this book. A warning label and rock stars. And it was FREE! I was sold.  Until I wasn’t. The story had the bones to be really good. Even with a sex scene in every chapter. I was looking forward to that before reading it. But I couldn’t even finish the book. I made it 33% before I couldn’t go on anymore. This book is long- 453 pages long- so I gave it a fair try. And I wanted to enjoy it, I really did. Remember- free, rock stars, and lots of sex. But Brandon was too weak for me and Kenzie lacked any sense of self-worth. I am all for being sexually liberated and being free and happy, but damn, girl. I could almost look past the weak characters if the story had something interesting about it to keep me going, but this was more like literary porn with a side story. I like a little more story with my porn. Know what I mean?

However, the thing that really kept me from reading anymore was the fact that the sex wasn’t believable. Twenty orgasms in a session is just ludicrous.  And after taking multiple dicks and everyone cumming all over the place, Kenzie’s pussy would be a wreck.  And the sex was not written as sexy and erotic. It was just straight up descriptions.

So, that’s my raw opinion. If you are in the mood for written porn without much eroticism and sensuality and a weak story- this is your book.


Fair Warning: This an explicit book, with sex acts in almost every chapter. There are things most consider kinky or offensive, as well as multiple partners and male on male action. The language is harsh at times, and the sex is graphic and plentiful. If that is not what you are looking for, this book is not for you.

This is a spin-off of the Triple Threat series.

Brandon plays lead guitar for Wicked End and is on tour most of the year. Mackenzie is a busy professional in Florida. They’ve known each other for most of their lives, but shied away from being more than kinky friends with benefits. Brandon is craving something else. What would his closest friend think of that?

When a storm strands Mackenzie, Brandon comes to her rescue, not knowing his plan (and the lead singer’s demands) would make some of her hidden fantasies come true. She reveals her list of kinky desires and he silently vows to make them all reality.

As they spend more time together than they had in years, stronger feelings develop. Could a long distance relationship really work? Find out if they are willing to risk their favorite bed partner for something more.





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