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Eric Rothman CEO of Rothman Enterprises had worked alongside his PA Natasha Barrington for almost a year maintaining a strong working relationship with her while enjoying a steady stream of beautiful model girlfriends that passed through his life. He did everything he could to avoid commitment, women were for sex and to look good on his arm but slowly he began to notice something about Natasha that drew his attention and had him wanting her with a desire that was starting to consume his mind and body.

It was both surprising and enlightening when one day he realised she was interested in him too and he propositioned her. One week in a hotel for sex and nothing but sex, making it perfectly clear to her that there would be nothing beyond that week.


He thought he was the victor when she agreed to his terms but was the whole thing going to backfire on him?


There was something about Natasha that drew him to her. She was like no other woman he’d ever been with and for the first time in his life he was fearful of being vulnerable. He had secrets about his past that made him the way he was and his PA was threatening to destroy everything he’d fought so hard for years to protect himself from.


This book is Eric’s point of view from my first book Natasha’s Awakening. Taming Eric like Natasha’s Awakening can be read as stand alone novels or read both. Taming Eric does contain bonus material at the end which is not in Natasha’s Awakening. These are both long books so if you’re after a quick read, these books are not for you.


If you don’t like the male point of view that repeats the story then this book is not for you although there is so much about Eric Rothman that isn’t clear in Natasha’s Awakening and it gives readers a chance to learn more about this alpha male who is sensitive at heart.






Check out the first in this series!





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One response to “Promo: Taming Eric by J.A. Melville

  1. starchaser8808

    Loved this book. Eric is so yummy!

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