New feature here at RAW Books. The RAW Rant. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but comments and participation are never frowned upon. Topics will always pertain to books in some way and there’s no rhyme or reason to when I will post them, but I am opinionated and I want to share my thoughts. Look for a very important one next week, but for now I am going on a rant about my TBR list. 

I am the perfect example of a type A personality. And it bleeds over into my reading habits. I recently took the time to go through every book in my Kindle cloud and made note of every book that I have purchased and haven’t read. Sue me. I like lists. And that’s where the problem starts for me because every book on that list now feels like an item on a to-do list. I feel like I have to read them all. And I need to read them ASAP! A few of the books on my unread list I am waiting on the sequels to release because I heard word of vicious cliffhangers. I’m not a patient person so it is better for me to wait, than for me to read a book and then HULK out over a cliffhanger and waiting for the next book. But a vast majority of the books in my cloud are books that I grabbed because they were free or super bargain priced. Or I kept hearing/ seeing the book around social media and I wanted to be in the know.

buried-in-booksAs I went through these books, I realized that a lot of them are not ones that I really want to read. There’s even a few that I question why in the hell I purchased them in the first place, as they do not sound like something I would pick for myself.

I am trying desperately to get rid of this panicked “I must read ALL the books NOW” feeling while also battling the “but there’s SO MANY other books that I REALLY WANT to read” feeling. I also feel bad for spending the money that my hubby works hard for and essentially never getting a return on that money.  As I have deliberated over these books, it has occurred to me that books are just like anything else that I buy and sometimes you need to give up the ghost and just let go. The best analogy that I can come up with are these books are like that shirt you found on sale and you weren’t sure about but bought anyways, only to wear it once and then toss it into your give away pile because you shouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

So where do I go from here? My poor To Be Read List is never going to be lacking because there are just so many authors whose words I need to read. So, what do I do about those books that just don’t feel like my kind of book anymore? I can’t give them away like I do the ridiculous amount of clothes that I change my mind about. But I need them off of my ongoing TBR, so I can relax and get back to reading and enjoying what I am reading. Then it hits me-Why, make a new list, of course!

And that’s where I am now. Making a new list of books that I own but just don’t want to read. Maybe one day I will read them. Maybe I won’t.  But I do realize that I have a sickness when it comes to one-clicking and this problem will never be truly solved. I love books and I love a good deal, so I will probably end up right where I started. With an ever growing TBR list and a need to READ ALL THE BOOKS!!!

How do you keep track of your books? Do you have a list of books that you need to give up the ghost of reading and let go of? Do you have the one-click addiction too? Have any recommendations for books that I NEED to read? I have some new openings in my TBR. *winks*

Stay RAW!




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2 responses to “RAW RANT

  1. starchaser8808

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one who one-clicks most of the FREE books and lots of the cheap one too. My list is close to 1500 and adding more each day. I will read them all one day (maybe) but the dreaded ever-growing TBR list just keeps getting longer LOL I have made a list of the ones I want/need to read now and I am trying to slack up on the read/reviews so maybe I can clear out a few spaces on my Kindle. Love ya girl!

  2. Rosa

    I am sooooo GLAD YOU are my daughter!!!!!! You keep my reading list manageable. Thank you so much for starting this blog!!!! I love you and the girls. Love Mom

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