Book Blitz: Review- Whiskey Lullaby by Dawn Martens & Emily Minton

whiskey lullaby coverSynopsis
Julie Walker thought she found true love with Jase. Until he betrayed her in the worst way, with one of her best friends. Devastated and heartbroken she runs away, leaving behind her family and friends. She starts a new life filled with secrets.
When Julie meets Dean, she thinks he is the answer to all her prayers, but Dean isn’t who she thinks he is.
Jase Gibson is a player. Even when he had the girl of his dreams, he still played. When he lost Julie, his life fell apart. He turned to whiskey and women, to fill the void. But, only Julie will ever make him whole.
Nine years later, Julie’s back home, but she’s not alone. What will happen when all of Julie’s secrets are uncovered?
Jase vowed that if he ever got her back, he would do right by her and never let her go. Will he let Julie’s secret keep them apart?
When Julie’s ex-husband refuses to be her ex, Jase must choose to help her or hang on to his anger.
Jase and Julie have to find a way to give their whiskey lullaby a happy ending.

Whiskey Lullaby is the first book in the Love Songs series. Each book ends with a HEA. All books are about different couples.

Mandy’s Review

Rating 4 out of 5

Whiskey Lullaby was a quick read for me.  It’s not super long and it was interesting enough that I read it in one sitting. And I really enjoyed it.  It’s not the steamiest book, but it is a book full of emotion and the importance of second chances and forgiveness.  Julie and Jase are meant to be, but Jase’s pain and demons drive Julie away for nine years.  In those nine years, Julie tries to put her life back together and marries Dean, but he is not what she thought he was. Through it all, her heart has always belonged to Jase. Finally free of Dean, Julie decides it’s time to go home and face her past.

Once Julie returns home, Julie and Jase struggle with forgiving each other for their transgressions and ultimately have to decide if they can put the past behind them and move forward- together or not.  But Dean is not ready to let Julie go and this may hinder whatever decision is made between Jase and Julie.

Whiskey Lullaby is seemingly like a lot of other storylines, but what set it apart for me were the characters and the twists and secrets.  New information and twists kept me turning the page and wondering how things were going to play out.  Characters that I wanted to dislike were eventually characters that my heart ached for. The book is told in both Julie and Jase’s points of view and the authors did a great job of switching between the two and adding to the drama with each switch. Being set in a small town, the support and involvement of the characters’ families added a fun dynamic to the story. Matty, Jase’s brother, was my favorite character and since Whiskey Lullaby is the first book in the Love Songs series, I’m hoping we eventually see him find his happily ever after.  He’s a constant source of support to Julie and is instrumental in seeing her truly happy again.  Dean’s sister, Bethany, is shy and has endured a lot of hurt, but she sticks with Julie and luckily the next book in the series will tell Bethany’s story. I will be impatiently waiting for its release.

Emily Minton and Dawn Martens write very likable characters and the storyline was flawless.  No over the top angst and drama.  Just real emotions and real people.  I laughed, I got a little choked up, and I smiled a lot while reading this book and I would definitely recommend that you add this one to your TBR lists.


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