Review: Thrilling Heaven by D.H. Sidebottom

Thrilling HeavenSynopsis

Every man is as heaven made him, and sometimes a great deal worse.

Boss, drummer for the highly accredit rock group Room 103, understands this statement.

Only too well.

He has been in love with one woman since he was sixteen. She was his soul mate, his lover, his heart and his very essence. But she was never his and yet she was always his.

Nine years! Nine long and lonely years since he last saw her, since he last embraced her unique spark of life and nine god damn years since he’d tasted her passion.

Then, bang! There she was, stood in front of him like a vision, like a gift presented to him from God.

What did he do when he saw her? He ran.

He ran because he knew if he touched her once again, then he wouldn’t give her the chance to disappear again, to break him all over again or to kill him a little more.

But this time he would make it his mission to have her, to hold on to her and to finally make her his. Completely.

He would do anything for her, and he does. He does the very thing that loses her.

So now he needs to fight; to battle and strive to get her back.

With a little help from friends and band mates, his own unique outlook on life and a tiny reprieve from God; he grins widely, begs shamelessly and just plain charms the pants off her, the only way Boss can.

Jen belongs to Boss… simple.

Stand in his way and he’ll take you down.

This book contains explicit sex scenes, domestic abuse, strong language and violence… oh, and one hell of a sweet rocker.


Danielle’s Review

Rating 5 out of 5

I really believe I almost died while reading this book.

But before I visit my near death experience, I want to back track a bit just to tell you how fantastic the prequel, Shocking Heaven was. The entire series is so intense, so RAW, so eye-opening, it made it in my top ten all time favorites for sure. Shocking Heaven is a whirl wind of all things catastrophic and beautiful. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will scream obscenities. It’s a must read.

Just read it, you know you want to!

You’re welcome.

Now, Thrilling Heaven is going to rip your soul in two and put in back together in less than 500 pages. This book isn’t nice and it isn’t cute. It’s about tragedy, lost love, and violence, but with a beautiful ending. At one point, I almost lost all hope. I really felt like I bled with the heroine, Jen, and endured every painful blow her body took, and sobbed right alongside her. I would have killed for her. The fucker that she married doesn’t need to exist on this planet.

But Boss, oooh Boss! You meet him in Shocking Heaven as the quick witted, always reliable BFF of Eve. He is your typical tattooed, pierced, comical drummer with a large heart. Boss takes the cliché ‘knight-in-shining-armor’ to a whole new level of bad ass. He’s done fucking around when it comes to Jen, and after nine years of tortuously being separated from her, he finally had enough. Throws up a big fuck you, and takes what he deserves. And true to Boss’s nature, he shows Jen that love isn’t supposed to leave you bleeding, but is the elixir which will bring her back to life.

Stay Raw,
❤ dg

How to Find D.H. Sidebottom and the Room 103 Series

D.H. Sidebottom can be found on Facebook

Shocking Heaven can be found on Amazon

Thrilling Heaven can be found on Amazon

Raw Moment

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    I am so proud of you taking a stand against Goodreads. I wish more blogs would do this….

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