Review: The Secrets That We Keep by Isabel Lucero


Julian and Annabella Rivera have been married for three years. To anybody who knows them they are the perfect couple; happily in love and made for each other, but Annabella has been keeping a secret. A secret she wants to keep from everybody, especially her husband.
When Julian, a FBI Investigative Specialist, begins working late nights, receiving mysterious phone calls and cryptic messages, Annabella worries she may not be the only one keeping secrets.
With her husband’s sudden change in behavior, the feeling that she’s being watched and the unexpected arrival of someone from her past, Annabella decides she needs to do some investigating of her own.
When secrets begin to emerge, will she be able to handle them? Will she be able to finally confide in someone about what happened all those years ago? Or will the ugly truth be too much to handle?


Rating 3.5 out of 5

The Secrets That We Keep is a book with a fantastic storyline. This is not just a romance novel. And it’s not just a mystery novel, either. Our lead ‘couple’ is already married and very happy and in love at the start of the story. The prologue had me immediately intrigued and desperate to know what secrets would be revealed. The story is fairly fast paced. Once Isabel achieved her momentum, it kept right on through until the end. My head was spinning at the twists and I was anxious as more and more secrets, deceits and lies of omission were revealed. I kept making guesses as to what different characters’ secrets were or what was going to happen and I was wrong on almost every account.

I read this book in a few hours, as I do most every book, and I was left satisfied when I reached the end. I like my Happily Ever Afters and I need my questions to be answered and all wrapped up when I am done reading. Isabel Lucero achieves that in The Secrets That We Keep.

This is Isabel’s debut novel and it is a great story. It has all of the aspects that a reader, namely- me, enjoys in a good book. There was love and sex, angst and drama, mystery and suspense, believable characters, and an epilogue. I’m a sucker for a good epilogue. What I feel was lacking in this novel was the dialogue and a need for better editing. The chemistry just wasn’t there in the dialogue between the different characters. Some of it felt forced and not realistic to how married people or best friends would interact. There was also a good amount of editing errors (i.e. comma usage, word usage, and other minor issues). I would much rather wait to read a book that’s been picked over by a few sets of eyes. The errors weren’t necessarily distracting, but they were there. As the book progressed, I could see Isabel’s writing maturing.  And the dialogue was improving. I give Isabel a big fucking “atta girl” for having the lady balls to put herself and her work out there.  If you like your books with a lot of twists and to be kept guessing, then this book is for you. I do not regret reading this book and I will read any future work from Isabel Lucero. She provided me with a copy in exchange for my honest opinion and that’s what I always give. RAW, baby!

How to Find Isabel Lucero & The Secrets That We Keep

Isabel can be found on Goodreads | Blog | Facebook

The Secrets That We Keep can be found on Goodreads | Smashwords | Amazon


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