Review: Seduce by Missy Johnson


Twenty-five year old Jack Falcon doesn’t do relationships, and why would he when he has woman after woman literally throwing themselves at him? For Jack, life is perfect just the way it is. He works hard and he plays harder.
Jack’s life changes when he meets Belle. Unlike any woman he’s ever met, there is something about this girl that makes him unable to keep away, something beyond the youthful beauty and her innocent spirit. Belle is strong and independent, a big leap from the usual brainless chicks he tends to attract.
Jack begins a dangerous game. He is determined to seduce Belle, and without realizing it, his feelings for her develop beyond anything he has ever felt before. Things become complicated when he learns there are good reasons as to why he should stay the hell away from her.
How can you stay away from someone you want to spend every waking minute with? And what do you do when you know eventually you will destroy that person?
As their feelings for each other deepen, Jack struggles with his own internal demons which threaten to rip them apart. Jack is torn between following his heart and listening to his head, which keeps telling him he is not good enough for her. She deserves better than what he can give her.
How far will he push before they both fall over the edge?



Rating- 5 out of 5

I know. I don’t give out a 5 rating often or easily, but OMYGAWD! Jack Falcon is a man who makes no excuses for his man whore ways.  And he shouldn’t have to because he is a catch! I read this book in one sitting and then went to bed and had the best dreams!  Missy Johnson has talent in spades. Seduce had me from the first page when Jack apologizes for not remembering a girl’s name and tells her that it’s because he’s not good with names. It was classic man whore behavior and I couldn’t wait to watch him get cut off at the knees by a woman.  And boy, did he! Belle was a great character. At the start of their encounters, she treated Jack exactly the way that he had treated other women. Her behavior had him so baffled and so taken with her.  Even his friends were shocked by the change in his behavior over Belle. I snickered and pushed onward.

And then things really get going and I was FLOORED!!! When the truth about Belle was revealed, I almost stopped reading just because I didn’t know how Missy was going to get me past everything. But I had to know what would happen with Jack. He’s the most charming and endearing man who has the king of bastards for a father and I wanted him to find some true happiness and purpose. Jack changed for the better because of Belle and I loved their interactions and their relationship.  Missy’s writing is superb and Seduce is a sexy and honest read.  My emotions were all over the place while reading.  I experienced everything from lust to anger to heartbreak and I loved every second of it.

There is a scene that takes place at the dinner table that made me cringe a little, but the rest of the sexy times are absolutely panty drenching. Jack Falcon is the real deal and I am on pins and needles for more of Jack’s story. Seduce was but an appetizer and I want the whole damn dinner, dessert included.

I refuse to give spoilers, so you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that this is a MUST READ. Besides, you need to be ready for Beautiful Rose when it releases this Fall. Thanks to Missy for the ARC in exchange for this review! You have a lifelong reader after seducing me with Seduce.

How to Find Missy Johnson & Seduce

Missy can be found on Goodreads | Facebook | Website

Seduce can be found on Goodreads | Amazon

Also, add Beautiful Rose to your TBR on Goodreads



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