Review: Saved by His Submissive by Angel Payne


Garrett Hawkins is the most valuable asset to his Special Forces unit—because frankly, the guy doesn’t care if he lives or dies anymore. Since the love of his life, Sage Weston, was kidnapped and killed with her medical unit a year ago, Garrett has turned the shell of his soul into the impenetrable armor of a finely-tuned fighting machine. Being the first tapped for the unit’s craziest missions is just fine by him. The less time for memories, and the agony they carve into his soul, the better.
It’s a plan that works—until one night, deep in the jungles of Thailand, Garrett’s world is upended when memories become stunning reality. The unit is called to rescue a group of kidnapped aid workers, only the head count on the retrieval is unexpectedly doubled. Sage and her teammates, believed dead, are very much alive. Only now that Sage is back in his arms, Garrett doesn’t know what to do. He has changed in dramatic and daunting ways, especially in the darker tastes of his passion. If he touches Sage again, he’ll want to claim her, restrain her…dominate her.
Is Sage’s love strong enough to let Garrett back in not only as her fiancé, but her Dominant? Can she trust that visiting the new shadows of his life will lead her to ecstasy and not ruin? Or can it be that Garrett’s discipline is exactly what her own soul needs to find its way back to life—and love—once again?

Mandy’s Review

Rating 4.5 out of 5

I can wholeheartedly tell you that I loved this book and I must hurry and type this review so that I can start reading the second book, Handcuffed by Her Hero. Angel Payne is a fantastic writer and I’m sad that I just found her work.  I’ve been missing out! Saved by his Submissive is the first book in The W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces series and it was a great read.  My heart was breaking for Garrett. But then- SAGE WAS ALIVE and he got to save her! YAY! I was curious where the book was going to go from that point.  Garrett’s one true love was alive and well after being thought dead for over a year. How much more of a happily ever after can you ask for? Angel Payne delivers a story that sucks you in and has you enthralled to see what’s going to happen next.

We get the story from both Garrett and Sage’s points of view. They both struggled with how things were and how they’re going to be after Sage’s return. Sage was essentially back from the dead. That’s a big adjustment to wrap your head around. But Sage was a determined woman. She used her love for Garrett as a means to keep her strong and moving forward during her year of hell and captivity and she’s not about to lose him over something that was beyond anyone’s control. Meanwhile, poor Garrett lost the will to care about moving forward and became his unit’s biggest asset.  His best friend, Zeke, tried helping him move on and find an outlet for his darker thoughts, but Garrett wasn’t budging from his grief.

With Sage back in Garrett’s arms, he has a new struggle to deal with.  He has some darker urges and a need to claim Sage completely. Sage just wants the love of her life to be happy with her so that they can get on with their lives. Or does she need something else, too? She sees the changes in Garrett.  She is willing to do whatever it takes. It just comes down to trust. Doesn’t every D/s  relationship?

Garrett struggled to put his thoughts into action with Sage. He wanted to dominate her and he wanted her to gladly submit, but he couldn’t reconcile the sweet fiancé in his mind with the willing woman in front of him. Throw in more threats to Sage’s safety and the testosterone was off the charts! And so were the sexy times! The sexy times were sensual and sexy. They weren’t a raunch fest for the sake of sex.  They were beautifully written (even the masturbation scene) and were a good indicator of the love and passion between Garrett and Sage. Angel flawlessly weaved Garrett and Sage’s history with the events happening in the book. I was rooting for them to find their HEA.  But I also totally understood why Garrett was holding himself back. Changing the dynamics of a relationship can be detrimental or it can be exalting. How does one decide to cross that bridge?

I won’t tell you how it happens, but I will tell you that this book is worth reading to find out.  Angel Payne delivers well rounded characters, an action packed storyline that is overflowing with passion, and above all; a love that overcomes and flourishes despite the darkness threatening to destroy them. I cannot wait to meet and fall in love with more of the W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces.

How to Find Angel Payne & Saved by His Submissive

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5 responses to “Review: Saved by His Submissive by Angel Payne

  1. Angel

    Thank you for the wonderful words, Mandy! I hope you like Zeke and Rayna’s story, too!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful words, Mandy! I hope you like Zeke and Rayna’s story, too!

  3. This sounds amazing! It is going straight to the top of my to be read list! Thanks for helping me navigate the jungle of talent out there. I found you through a giveaway and you all are great!

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