Review: Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas


Faith Jacobson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After witnessing a mob hit, she’s only moments from death when Angelo Raspallo decides to give his brother an unlikely gift.
Leo has avoided involvement with the family business, but it doesn’t make him a saint. He’s troubled and ashamed by his darker sexual desires, one of which is to own a slave. But when his brother throws Faith at his feet, repainting the scenario to make Leo the hero rescuing her from certain death, his moral fortitude will be tested. If Faith were kinky, it would be easy to live out his fantasy, but she’s not—not even a little bit. Even the mildest spanking sparks terror in her that Leo can’t bear.
The gift soon becomes a burden as he fights with himself over how to handle the addition to his home. He could release her, but his brother doesn’t do loose ends. The only thing keeping her out of the bottom of the harbor is Leo’s mercy. She’s like a beautiful piece of art he keeps in a glass case but can never touch. Is possessing her enough?


Rating 5 out of 5

I know this book has been out for a while, but I have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy Kitty Thomas. Her books are not your average romance with a hearts and flowers happily ever after.  Her work is dark. And not for everyone.  But I cannot get enough of her writing. Mafia Captive was exquisite.  It was actually more hearts and flowers than anything else that I have read by Kitty Thomas, but no less enthralling and addictive.

Young woman in the wrong place at the wrong time finds herself rescued from certain death by her captor’s brother. Faith is given as a gift to her captor’s brother because he has always wanted a slave. Sounds like the standard sex slave falls in love with captor story, but it’s just so much more. They feel a connection from the very beginning and Faith struggles with being attracted to the one person who can decide if she lives or dies. Leo is just as tormented because of his shame over his darker sexual desires.

And I understood both of their struggles, especially Faith’s. Leo is good to her. She has it made in Leo’s lavish world and he protects her from others who would harm her. Add in the attraction and boom!

                “Aside from the slavery aspect, wasn’t this what most girls fantasized about from childhood- Prince Charming swooping in and taking care of all their needs, showering them with safety and security, and living happily ever after?”

Makes you think, huh? And that’s why I love Kitty Thomas. Her books stay with me for days after reading them and have my brain churning out thoughts. What would I do? How would I respond? At one point, Faith begs to be killed and even contemplates suicide, but can’t commit to either because of her feelings of what could be if Leo was just a normal guy. But the big struggle for both Leo and Faith is that he’s kinky and she is NOT. And Leo respects her fear of “his darkness”.

This book took turns that I never saw coming and the inner dialogue from both POVs kept me torn about what I hoped was going to happen. I liked Leo from the beginning. I rooted for him and then caught myself wondering what the hell is wrong with me? I was lusting after a man who was holding a woman captive in his home. Kitty Thomas writes that well! Which is why I give Mafia Captive our highest mark.  Her stories are dark and unconventional as far as romance goes, but the psychological aspect keeps me coming back for more. Her words flow across the pages and suck you into a world and situation that no one wishes for oneself, but still leave you breathless and your panties a little damp. Can’t go wrong there.

How to Find Kitty Thomas & Mafia Captive

Kitty Thomas can be found on Goodreads | Facebook | Website | Twitter

Mafia Captive can be found on Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords


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One response to “Review: Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas

  1. I loved this book but I LOVE all of Kitty’s Books. Her writing is beautiful and Dark and so captivating I can not put them down when I start reading them.

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